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In the Beginning challenges you to ponder upon your origins. What were you before your career or occupation? Who were you before your current relationship status? What were you before you learned to fear or hold dislike for certain life experiences? Who were you before you were born from your mothers womb? Who were you in the beginning? Much like a drop in the vast ocean we each came into our bodily form and since have continued to ripple our vibration throughout all of creation. Perhaps the answer to this question can be answered by the ancient energy masters. Or maybe this quest can only be satisfied with a lifetime of meditation and inward seeking. Maybe in the beginning all was endless, formless, potential waiting to take shape. Perhaps you were but a drop in a peaceful ocean of stillness. Maybe the first movement in that vastness made way for you.  Perhaps then you were moved to choose this present moment to remember and reflect upon the beginning of it all. 


Giclee prints are one of the best print reproduction methods available using high-quality archival inks. Scratch-resistant. Clean with a damp cloth. Ships rolled in a tube.