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Enjoy a onesie for your pride and joy featuring a high quality art print of SoL Sight.

The SoL Sight #ArtStory

It is said by the ancient ones that we have two eyes to look and one eye to see. This image presents a sun shining eye featuring geometric rays that extend from the center outward. This reiki infused totem entitled, Sol Sight serves as a symbol of our energetic center for perception. This center was known by our Ancient Kemetic energy masters as the first eye in a time when a clear and highly developed intuition was required as a primary means to lead and protect the throne of the pharaohs and lead the community in alignment with the Grand Plan of the creator. One’s perception can be blocked or distorted by the distractions of illusions so it is necessary to live in alignment with truth as well and maintaining proper health and wellness practices to keep the souls vision at its clearest. Sol sight affirms that what you see is directly affected by how you see. The thoughts and beliefs one holds can be a gateway to freedom or an entrapment of potential with the choice ultimately being within each being. This piece is infused with the intention to assist in bringing truth, clarity and revelation to the perception of the viewer and the sacred space it occupies. Sol Sight encourages you to see from the seat and light of your own soul into the matters that most desire to gain clarity and divine guidance on.