The Cobra Queen Tapestry

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About The Art

The Cobra Queen

Queen Cobra offers her wisdom and abundant knowledge to those who seek her with humility and an open heart. As fierce protectress she reminds us that for our vessels to operate at the highest vibrations we must embrace the process of rebirth and shed the thoughts, habits and skins of our past. Queen Cobra is seen seated with her body forming the figure 8 illustrating that her foundation is infinite and abundant. The green sand around her illustrates the fertility, vitality and growth that awaits us as we embrace her wisdom and the intense process of purification she guides us through which opens the way for our rebirth. The pyramid serves to illustrate the importance of a strong foundation our connection to the earth and cosmos. The Cobra has long been revered by the ancient ones as a symbol of psychic power. In kemet the image of the Cobra served as the glyph for Goddess along the temple walls, upon the crowns and within the sacred writings. Her position upon the crown of the Pyra (pharaoh) was an astetic and functional illustration of one's Divinity, royal power, and connection with the spiritual wisdom of the Divine Feminine Goddess energy. Queen Cobra invites you to look deep within yourself and reveal what you need to shed in your life. What do you need to let go of in order to purify the mental, emotional and physical aspects of your vessel to activate your Divinity? It would be wise to meditate upon and trust the counsel that Queen Cobra provides.

Product Details

Drape your home or dorm with an eye catching and unique statement piece. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, our Tapestry will add a decorative yet personal touch wherever you hang it.

  • Stitched, finished edges
  • Design on front, white reverse side
  • Durable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Printed, cut, and handmade

Size & Fit

  • DIMENSIONS 60"(W) x 80"(H)

Material & Care

  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • Polyester
  • Imported