Abundaverse is a social enterprise that impacts global mental health through visual art, music, and experiences which inform and promote the healing art sciences.

Abundaverse is founded by award winning artist, Temakha Maakheru who as a professional model triumphed over the challenges of depression to remedy her mind and body through the application of the ancient healing art of Kemetic Reiki.

Abundaverse operates within the music, art, service, and education industries to provide self and community care products and activations to address our society's growing need for creative, inspiring and wholistic approaches to mental health.

Art you can Feel


Peace and power dear soul,
I am Temakha, a modern medicine womban with remedies of award winning music, guided meditations, and visual art. As a creative entrepreneur, I provide my art, products, teachings to inspire mental wellness. Many have known me previously as the professional model, Tierra - TEA - Benton, with a career as an internationally known runway model and beauty ambassador. 
After 16 years, it was time for a change so I stepped off the runway and explored my gifts through music and visual art. 
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My singing and songwriting career began in 2019 with the release of my first single entitled, Nouri. Success swiftly followed as I received the Indie Music Channel awards for Best Female RnB Artist 2019 and Best Music Video in 2020. In January 2020, I released my first self published book entitled, Abundaverse : The Remedy.


In this body of work, I share personal reflections from my healing journey as well as the art and music that came out of my exploration of the ancient healing art of Kemetic Reiki. While in the process of building my first studio recorded music album, I was inspired to create The Abundaverse Chakra Meditation Album. The album is  musical medicine for listeners to easily access and maintain inner peace and wellbeing through gentle guidance through the chakra energy system. 


As a visual artist my work has been featured in exhibits in Georgia and South Carolina. In 2019, I led my first solo exhibition in conjunction with my single release party with Dadd’s Production Studio featuring a full collection of more than 20 original paintings. Also in 2019, I featured a capsule collection of original work in The Gullah Art Exhibition - Arts Ob We People produced in affiliation with the Art League of Hilton Head South Carolina. In October 2020, my work entitled, The Divine Current, was featured in the Friends of African American Art Exhibit in the Telfair Museums, Jepson Center for the Arts.

I am currently based in Savannah Georgia and in the process of completing my first studio album :)