Drum Circles

What is a Drum Circle?

A drum circle is any group of people playing hand-drums and percussion instruments together in a circle.

Together the group creates in-the-moment music with the help of a facilitator.

What is the Purpose of a Drum Circle?

The drum circle engages equality and community because there all play together. Everyone contributes and it can include people of all ages, abilities, and  levels of musical experience. The main objective for a participant is to share rhythm and get in tune with one's self and the others in the group. While the main objective of the facilitator is to serve the group to reach new levels of connection within the groove. 

What are the benefits of Drum Circles facilitated by Temakha?

Temakha creates family-friendly spaces for healing through the drum circles she facilitates. All Guests are invited to play and practice heart-full-ness as Temakha guides the group to use deep listening, deep breathing, and drumming as tools to nurture communal and personal wellness.