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Using ancient energy healing techniques in harmony with sound & aromatherapy, Temakha curates a peaceful and serene environment conducive to healing for clients seeking energetic relief from physical challenges as well as those in need of energetic alignment for balance and improved well-being.

On average each session lasts about an hour, where Temakha facilitates an aura cleanse as well as an intensive clearing, balancing and reading of each of the clients primary chakra centers.

Due to the nature of deep energy work, clients usually relax into a deep meditation and thus receive needed guidance from within in the form of dreams/visions which illustrate the next steps needed for their unique journey.

Temakha has four years of experience in the art of Kemetic Reiki Energy healing and offers her highest intentions and efforts to ensure each client receives the best results from their investment in a session.

In person sessions are held at our partner site, Sankofa House in Savannah Ga. Temakha also offers remote energy healing sessions for those unable to travel to meet with her in the physical.

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Julie M.
United States United States
A Positive Unique Experience Like No Other I Have Felt Before

My sessions with Temakha were an awesome and unique experience for me! Temakha made me feel important as she not only provided me with the Kemetic Reiki Healings but also educated me in regards to getting a better understanding of who the Orishas are and understanding their powers. When I entered the Sankofa House Temple with her, she taught me the greeting and the posture a person should use before entering the temple right at the doorway. Temakha introduced me to every Orisha Deity in the temple and explained their powers to me. I thought what she did was a great way for me to get ready for my session. These sessions are magnificent! Temakha was gentle and focused every time. I have never experienced anything so amazing! During and after my 1st session, I had an immense feeling of love and light engulfed around and inside me. I was overcome by this experience and I wept as soon as the session was over! I felt magical, powerful and exhilarated at the same time! I also felt a very close connection to Source, my guardian angles, the Orishas and my enlightened benevolent ancestors. During my continued sessions I experienced visions where I met and spoke to some of my animal spirits (elephant, huge black bird, cockroach, tiger, dragon, dragon fly, etc., just to name a few). I also saw Orishas and my ancestors. I smelled the salt water from the ocean and fragrances like food and flowers. I also experienced goose-bumps all over my body (which I refer to as confirmation with my soul). Ase! My visions were always vivid when I had my sessions with Temakha and I’m only going to name a few of what I experienced. I was water, fire, a tree, a rock, a being with gills and a feather (just to name a few). I left my body and watched Temakha work on my chakras then my body shot up to the galaxy and came back down as a bolt of lightning. I danced on the beach with my people who were dressed in beautiful vibrant colors being led by an older man with white hair holding a big white feather. Turtles came from the ocean while I was sitting on the sand at the beach and gave me pearls and fed me. In one of my visions a little girl walked up to me and gave me a handful of diamonds. I also made several trips inside of my womb (where I was able to receive healing and guidance on my relationship with myself and others). I am going to stop with just these few examples of what I experienced but you can tell from what I explain here that they are positive earth-shattering experiences for me! I have to mention that I also experienced a healing of my left arm in my 1st session. My arm has been swelling up and very painful for over 10 years because of breast cancer surgery when the doctor removed my left breast and also 7 lymph-nodes. The next day after my 1st session my arm had no pain at all! I also had frequent trips to the bathroom at night causing my sleep to be disrupted constantly. That night after I had my 1st session I only went to the bathroom 1 time and I have continued to experience these positive effects to my body as well as getting a peaceful night’s sleep. The amazing part is I never mentioned these health problems to Temakha during my 1st session but still received a healing instantly! Ase! I also appreciated Temakha’s interpretations of my visions and card readings after the sessions. I also received from her via email and text weekly assessments, special notes, meditations for my chakras, journal questions for reflection, activities to do for my chakras and weekly encouragement. In my opinion I received the complete package from Temakha. Because of my continued sessions with Temakha I feel closer to the Most-High than I ever felt before. I have a closer relationship with my soul, my guardian angels, and my enlightened benevolent ancestors. I had the opportunity to learn more about the Orishas. My chakras are aligned and I experienced over-night healing in my 1st session! I have confirmed that I am a light being! I feel power from Source and I feel my magical energy growing stronger every day. Such power and renewed energy gives me strength and balance which in turn has improved my life and overall well-being! Thank you Sis! Much love to you! May you continue to find peace and fulfillment in your life and in your work.

Ashley E.
United States United States
Thankh you

Let me start off by saying everything was perfect & beyond my expectations. Temakha was spot on with everything healing energy on point ♥️ Thankh u so my for my first great experience. I can’t wait until my next session.


I am so greatful for your positive experience, Ashley. Thankh you for choosing to nurture yourself!

Imani G.
United States United States

Let me first say I always enjoy being in the presence of Temakha she is always a shining light to be around. I enjoyed my session with. I learned a lot about it what I need to work on within myself and also learned more on how I can properly take care of my crystals and how I can continue to activate my Chakras. My session was very much so enjoyable. I am so happy and so grateful for this amazing queen and her work.

United States United States
Golden Spirit Fingers

When I think of reiki, I think of practitioners utilizing their hands to assist in the feeling, stimulating, and healing of particular energy points in our bodies that need some extra TLC. In the remote or long distance reiki session I received, the traditional in person, hands hovering over one’s physical body was not possible. However!...the way Temakha is composed and how she works her essence gave way for me to feel a healing and insightful connective session hundreds of miles away from where she was. From booking the session to the follow up afterwards, the manner in which I was communicated with tells that Temakha is a person who truly honors her gifts and the people she assists with them. For Temakha...thankh you, your future is just as bright and wonderful as you. For readers who may be considering checking out some of Temakha’s services, products,’s lit! You should def find out for yourself


Dua Kiakala for your feedback and for choosing to nurture yourself with our offerings :)

A Abundaverse Customer
Robyn D. M. Lonesome
United States United States
Delightful Experience

Delightful is how I describe my Kemetic healing session with Temakha. It was both healing and revealing. I love the way Temakha caters to client comfort, and her calm, subtly powerful presence, though our session was remote. I look forward to my next session with this beautiful and talented soul.


Dua for your feedback and for choosing to nurture yourself with our services.