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About The Art

Can you remember the last time you felt the warm rays of the sun on your face? No matter the season, culture or creed we all depend on the shining superstar of our solar system. The suns power and warm rays benevolently provide the life creating and sustaining light for our world. This image presents a central spinning sun surrounded by a flourishing floral halo in a vibrant green space of vitality and infinite potential for growth. Solflower offers the opportunity to reflect upon the illuminating wisdom the Sun’s power and purpose has provided you. Known by the Indigenous peoples as The Grandfather, our sun is always shinning, providing, and lighting the path of our unique life purpose. Perhaps as you view The Solflower you could create an opportunity to connect with your inner shinning sun. Just like Grandfather, our inner suns shine and create space for unique path of growth. As beings we can choose to consciously connect with the notion that where our focus goes, energy flows. SolFlower encourages you to place your focus on those thoughts, beliefs and emotions that you wish to see grow and flourish in your life. SolFlower also offers a question for your reflection: Where in your life would you like to see yourself shine, flourish and grow?

Artist: Temakha


Giclee prints are one of the best print reproduction methods available using high-quality archival inks. Each Print is Scratch-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. All sizes are shipped rolled in a tube.