SoL Shine Tapestry

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About the Art

Experience Temakha's visual art interpretation of the energy center known as the solar plexus. "Often referred to as the inner shining sun, the solar plexus is the third of the primary chakras. This center governs the expression of one's will, purpose and unique personality. The solar plexus is the core of vitality and governs the inner drive to take action. The solar plexus governs one's sense of personal power, and the resolve to be reliable and responsible."

- Excerpt from Abundaverse The Remedy

Bring in the Shine

Drape your home or dorm with an eye catching and unique statement piece. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, our Tapestry will add a decorative yet personal touch wherever you hang it.

  • Stitched, finished edges
  • Design on front, white reverse side
  • Durable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Printed, cut, and handmade

Size & Fit

  • DIMENSIONS 51"(W) x 60"(H)