The Abundaverse Chakra Meditations CD

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Enjoy the Peace

Relax and experience the peace with guidance through a healing journey of the 7 primary energy centers known chakras.


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Margie M.
United States United States
My Experience

The Abundaverse Meditation is definitely a tool for me! My experience from the very first time I listened, has been nothing less than pleasant yet subtlety powerful!

N. Henry
United States United States
Give thankhs

To be able to have this God given tool that I use, not only for self- guidance as alignment, but for my children. My kids gain better understanding of chakras and how to meditate from this very album. I give thankhs for the beautiful soul who created such a gift that I can and do actually share with my kids. Family meditation has become a huge success in our home and we have Temakha to thank for that! I’m just filled with gratitude. Thankh you for your authenticity and calming voice that we can’t get enough of! I absolutely encourage all to purchase this guide.


Thankh you for sharing your experience! I give thankhs that you and you beautiful family are finding value in the meditations. I am supremely humbled by your experience thankh the Cr8tor for aligning our paths in a way that expands the flow of wellness in the family unit. Ase Ase Ase O!

Yolanda E.
United States United States
She’s magic ✨

Peace sis ✨ The morning of December 25th sometime around 3AM, I was just up and I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to use some rapé. Then I turned on some anime and kind of just settled in. A few minutes later the tiop of my head felt like it was tingling and opening up and then it spread to the rest of my body. Then I decided I was go ahead and meditate because I’ve been avoiding that particular meditation/chakra. My solar plexus. You were so sweet and nurturing I felt like I had big mommas hug the entire time and that I wasn’t alone. I was crying before I realized I was and I felt like I had a major breakthrough to the Me I’ve forgotten. At the end before you said smile and open your eyes I already did✨ This is the first time in a long time I’ve felt like the “old” me. Even writing this I have that feeling coming over me again. Thank you. I wish I was better with my words because that experience was more than can be described. Also!!! Her art for the chakras help so much. If you have trouble visualizing the colors, sitting with them before you start your mediation makes so easy to fall into it. The book is a wonder in itself. Reading the affirmations for each one helps activate your chakras as well. I highly recommend these. You won’t be sorry❣️

Zaakirah M.
United States United States
Abundaverse Chakra Healing Meditation Review

If I could sum up my experience with meditating to the serene sounds of guided meditations by Temakha in one word it would be DIVINE!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my meditation session, I could envision each feather while ascending from the root to crown chakra center and upon completion I felt light, centered and recharged!!! I even listen while I create, she brings such pure, raw and genuine innerG!! I'm so happy to have mine and definitely love incorporating it and utilizing it in my sacred space!! Peace, Love and Light Temakha and Infinite Gratitude!! Stay True to YOU


Thankh you for choosing to nurture yourself with our Chakra Meditations Queen. We are thankhful you are enjoying and creating with them :) Sending you love and Abundalight always! - Temakha

Jade N. Williams
United States United States

I enjoyed the ABUNDAVERSE CHAKRA MEDITATIONS from beginning to end. The smooth and sultry tone of Temakha's voice brings an instant calmness to the meditation. She uses amazing affirmations and creates color visuals to get you connected to each chakra. I feel an instant calmness after listening. This album is so important because there should be more guided meditations lead by Black women. This album will be a part of my daily routine. Thank you, Temakha!