The Cosmic Course of Khepera - Giclee Art Print

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In reverence to ancient Kemetic creation myths, this piece serves as a reflection upon the integral function of change and transformation in the circle of life. The image presents a scarab beetle holding the balance between the Sun and the Moon as it traverses the star lit night sky. The scarab beetle is a symbol of the ancient Kemetic creation deity, Khepera, who represents the rising morning sun and the renewal of life. In the darkness of night, the moon invites us to honor the divine feminine to be receptive to the stirrings of inner wisdom and revelations present in our emotions. It shines to reveal the way through dark times, providing the path to illuminating wisdom gained through the trails of challenges and pain. In the dawn of a new day, the Sun provides the life sustaining energy to act upon these revelations and shine our inner light for all to see. The scarab beetle symbolizes the protection present when we work in alignment with these ancient cosmic forces to lead a life fueled by honoring our own authentic purpose.

With change comes challenge and with challenge comes change. This piece encourages us to convert our perspective of challenges from problems into launch pads of opportunity for spiritual growth. The Cosmic Course of Khepera poses the refection question: Where can you create space to honor the ongoing cycles of change in the flow of your everyday? 


Giclee prints are one of the best print reproduction methods available using high-quality archival inks. Scratch-resistant. Clean with a damp cloth. Ships rolled in a tube.