The Divine Current Tapestry

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About The Art

The Divine Current invites you to ask yourself, What wisdom have I gained from Grandmother? The image presents the moon traversing through one of her 8 phases in balance with the treasure filled waters she governs. Known to Indigenous peoples as the Grandmother, the moon reflects the phases of our wholeness as her glow guides us through the darkness of night. Grandmother moon is integral to the tides and balance of life present in our rivers, lakes and oceans. Each body of water is brimming with life forms and resplendent in treasures known only to those courageous enough to surrender and submerge into her knowings.

The moons essence is key in the circle of life’s continuation. She shares this fact of life with each of your Grandmothers as their sheer existence has contributed to your arrival to this present moment. Like our emotions, the tides of life can seem painful and challenging to navigate at times. Even in the darkest hour, may you find rest and guidance within the divine current of nurturing wisdom from Grandmother Moon.

Artist: Temakha**********

Tapestry Details

Drape your home or dorm with an eye catching and unique statement piece. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, our Tapestry will add a decorative yet personal touch wherever you hang it.

  • Stitched, finished edges
  • Design on front, white reverse side
  • Durable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Printed, cut, and handmade

Size & Fit

  • DIMENSIONS 60"(W) x 51"(H)